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If you need full mobility and easier use, and you are willing to accept less graphic effects, then application created for autonomic Oculus Quest goggles will be best for your project. It will give you freedom and comfort to use VR in every situation.

If your project demands high-end graphics, care for visual details, or long, continuous use of the application, we will use our strongest computer and the best headset to fully visualise the best qualities of your product or area.

We have worked with various business sectors and we are not limited to specific areas – we are open to any cooperation. Our returning customers’ satisfaction is the best confirmation for it!

We create:

    • VR applications
    • AR applications
    • interactive space presentations and walk-arounds
    • mobile applications
    • transfer of architectural designs to VR

Our recent projects:

  • VR games supporting various accessories
  • apps for Microsoft Hololens
  • apps for ceramic industry
  • apps for construction industry
  • apps for agribusiness
  • interactive VR walkarounds


Be among the companies that already use the future technologies.

This is not only a step forward for your business, it’s a necessity to keep up with the competition.

Presenting your product in VR/AR application you will get:

  • savings, because you need less prototypes
  • feedback on your virtual prototype, so you can implement changes
  • customers’ engagement in sales process
  • funding, which is much easier to obtain with a convincing visualisation
  • certainty, that your concept is accepted, functional and well designed
  • raise of customers’ imagination about the use of your product or space
  • distinction from the competition
  • no more transportation – you need only one VR station to present anything


VR stands are demanding in terms of handling, assembly, and transport. The necessity of having a strong computer, good monitors or appropriate cables can be troublesome when you want setting up a stand, presenting visualizations or playing games. What’s more, correct positioning and preparing the VR set for use requires specialist knowledge. That’s why we decided to provide you with the highest comfort of using VR simulations and make them easier to use. We have the latest Oculus Quest set, i.e. autonomous goggles that do not need a computer, monitor or cables! Applications can be installed on them and used immediately.

We will create simulations for you that will be compatible with the Oculus Quest set. We will adapt the scenario, graphics, and other technological requirements just for this equipment so that you can show your visualization without problems in any place!


The technology to visualize 3D projects is an irreplaceable tool of product presentation. It is an innovative mean to faithfully reflect objects and spaces in most realistic and attractive way. Opportunity to interact with virtual environment and travel around freely in full immersion is capable of leading potential customers through the first steps of the decision making process. We have the tools and experience to create any needed 3D models and use them in virtual or augmented reality applications.

What is more, the possibility to use your application on autonomic Oculus Quest headset lets you experience VR more freely, with no computer or wires

We have the knowledge of creating models optimized for Unity engine. We have realized a number of such projects from the ground up, including works on textures and animations. In our portfolio you can find successful modelling projects for automotive and agricultural industry.

We create models of:


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