Virtual House Software



Virtual Gym is an innovative combination of two technologies – VR and EMS. The project is developed in cooperation with the hungarian company XBody, the global leader of EMS gear market. Both technologies are already quite popular, but they are not used together. Virtual Gym uses this connection to create a completely new form of training.

The idea to implement VR into fitness industry was realised before during our Virtual Workout Challenge. Virtual workout was tested by numerous sportsmen, personal trainers, professional bodybuilders and PE teachers. The feedback that we achieved convinced us to go further and create the first virtual gym in Poland. We intend this application to become a new standard for EMS studios, fitness clubs, gyms and casual VR users


We wanted to use a VR game as an additional fun factor to conventional workout. We have created four distinctive gym environments, where precision and tempo of player’s exercises converts into points and magical power. Great immersive value of virtual reality decreases the subjective time spent on training, and lowers the level of tiredness. The multiplayer feature is another factor to make physical exercising more enjoyable and less exhausting. All the audio background is produced in our recording studio, which gives the application its own, distinct character.


The combination of VR and EMS is the new generation of training. Electric stimulation reaches the deep muscle fiber while virtual reality allows to forget about tiredness, gives motivation to work harder, and brings more joy to workout sessions. Our application is effective even without the EMS gear. Creating this product gave us the opportunity to create a new market niche, cooperate with international business partner and to present it to the broad public at Infoshare 2019