Virtual House Software



The main assumption of the project was to present the TUBĄDZIN tiles in the virtual world. After the goggles were established, the viewer was able to see their appearance, size, and presence. The use of VR technology was to facilitate and make the collection’s visualization more attractive. In addition, our project was designed to help a potential client imagine his bathroom in MONOLITH tiles.


The premise of the cooperation was to design the bathroom using the TUBĄDZIN tile collection. The application was to solve problems such as transporting tiles to the fair or building exhibitions. Thanks to the use of VR stands, you could admire the bathroom tiles and design in the virtual world. Another goal was to highlight the stand and focus on an innovative idea. The TUBĄDZIN company could stand out from the others because the architectural presentation in VR is a modern and interesting solution. Until now, interior designs have been shown in the form of a flat image, and our visualization has allowed “to come in” and see the room “live”.


Together with TUBĄDZIN, we presented the visualization at the 4 Design Days fair, which took place in Katowice. MONOTLITH tiles were 90% percent reflected in their real versions, and the bathroom was perfectly mapped, allowing free movement around the cabin using VR goggles. Thus, after participating in four intensive trade fairs and conducting over 150 simulations, we received full feedback on what we have created in cooperation with Tubądzin. The reaction of people, as we assumed, was very positive, which contributed to the exchange of contacts.

Used technologies

  • Unity
  • 3DS MAX
  • C++
  • ArchiCAD
  • Sketchup