Virtual House Software



Most often just after the house is built and finished, various mistakes and re-adjustments are considered, that could have been included earlier in the project. A good plan should predict various possibilities to arrange the space and numerous conveniences to be implemented to the interior. This is why we have converted the SmartHouse concept into the virtual reality.


We wanted to visualise many solutions and conveniences in the house to verify its comfort and functionality, and to obtain customers’ feedback and recognize their needs. We have presented in VR, how the house with all devices connected works to give the inhabitants comfort and safety. The application shows the functionalities of future house, which can all be controlled with a mobile device. This visualisation has also allowed our client to see the architectonic side of the project and make amendments.


Application user becomes the inhabitant of a Smart House, able to experience all qualities of the intelligent interior. Thanks to VR visualisation he is able to collect all the information needed to eventually make a decision of purchase, without researching the Internet, travelling, or expert’s assistance. Our Smart House application was given excellent feedback on fair shows and raised great interest.