Virtual House Software

ENERGOSFERA – Virtual Reality investment visualisation


Visualisation of an investment in progress made with VR technology can effectively help to obtain external funding due to attractive, accurate and professional presentation of the object.

The ability to move around the virtual world and to interact with its environment will impress the investors, because they will we able to see the project before it is constructed and measure its potential. VR presentation will stand out, reflect the accurate look, and will raise the project’s chance to succeed.


The application was designed to faithfully reflect the business and tourist resort ENERGOSFERA in VR. Visualisation had to present the area around the object, its size and look during night and day. It also had to show the advancement of project works and suggest future usage possibilities for the area.


The application was created upon real parameters, what allowed to present the investment in VR technology with 99% accuracy. Thanks to this the investors were able to fully acknowledge Energosfera’s qualities. The visualisation helped to discover some mistakes in the project, which could be fixed before the construction starts. It is also the core of planned VR application, presenting interactive Energosfera resort when it is finished.