Virtual House Software


VR stands are demanding in terms of handling, assembly, and transport. The necessity of having a strong computer, good monitors or appropriate cables can be troublesome when you want setting up a stand, presenting visualizations or playing games. What’s more, correct positioning and preparing the VR set for use requires specialist knowledge. That’s why we decided to provide you with the highest comfort of using VR simulations and make them easier to use. We have the latest Oculus Quest set, i.e. autonomous goggles that do not need a computer, monitor or cables! Applications can be installed on them and used immediately.

We will create simulations for you that will be compatible with the Oculus Quest set. We will adapt the scenario, graphics, and other technological requirements just for this equipment so that you can show your visualization without problems in any place!

With Oculus Quest we can give you even more enjoyable and immersive use of your application. The autonomic headset gives us unlimited freedom in VR and enables us to improve every project.

Now in virtual reality, we will make visualizations of any size of the building, space, application based on interaction with objects or moving. Oculus Quest has the function of tracking objects, so you do not have to worry about organizing appropriate, usable space or collision with real objects. No cable restrictions or mapping opens for you the door to implement almost any project.

By choosing to cooperate with us, you will discover the benefits and opportunities of the VR application, and you will also have the opportunity to stand out from the competition thanks to Oculus Quest.

On the other hand, the traditional VR station based on powerful processors and wired headsets guarantees the best available audio/video quality and the possibility to work continuously for long hours.

This solution is dedicated for demanding projects with many details, effective graphics and sounds, and stationary display.