Virtual House Software

Our creativity let’s you realize exceptional projects!

Our knowledge and passion allows us to create VR/AR applications for various industries. This technology is getting increasingly popular as a mean of promotion, sales, entertainment, education and others.

Since the beginning of this era Virtual Software House has been creating games and applications to meet the customers’ needs.

We use the best available technology and we care for details. Due to deep analysis of the concept, constant communication with the client and getting to know his needs, we propose the completion plan and show the profit to be achieved. We communicate with our clients to ensure satisfaction with the project, describe the solutions we use, explain issues occurring in-progress and to suggest improvements to the concept.

Our strengths

We create our own VR/AR applications for business, simultaneously running the best rated VR gaming saloon in Poland. This gives us the experience, feedback, and incentives to create the best user experience in our software projects! We are able to get to know customers’ reactions to various solutions, witness their emotions and engagement to create the most effective and enjoyable projects and scenarios.


Since 2017, we have conducted over 130,000 simulation. This is why the application we will create for you will be top quality. We will carefully plan the scenario, use the best methods and run multiple tests before it will reach your clients. Our experience allows us to discover creative, out of the box solutions in programming, and to quickly manage any occurring software issues.


To make your project exceptional, we can create all the audio background specially for you. Thanks to this every application is unique! All the voices and soundtracks will be produced in our recording studio, to make the game or visualisation more climatic, and more effective.


The applications are friendly for everyone. Our designs are carefully projected so that they do not cause headaches, nausea or any other type of discomfort that may occur during VR use. This ensures only positive emotions and reaching out to a broad range of customers, with your application not affecting the user’s labirynth.

Why, just us?

  • Due to the fact that VR/AR technology is our passion, we approach every task with full commitment, sense of responsibility and excitement.
  • Our goal is for the final product to be completed quickly, proffesionally, and to include all qualities contained in the brief.
  • We plan the entire simulation process so that it carries the full substantive and immersive value.